our mission is to Inspire Worms & Each other to Save Our Soil.


wait, what is worm poop, it’s worm castings. Why should I put worm poop on all the plants I grow?? So many reasons really….. here are a few

  • Johnny’s Got Worm Organic Magic Poop !(or castings if you want the boring word for worm poop) are a PH neutral, natural compost/fertilizer that can be used instead of synthetic chemical fertilizers.

  • Johnny’s Got Worms poop is packed with beneficial microbes, worms and worm cocoons, which give the plants you are growing a serious boost!

  • Studies have shown that worm castings have protective qualities for plant roots and plant growth hormones, to maximize growth! (Neat!)

  • Worm Poop is a fantastic use for food scraps instead of filling the landfill, this process of worms eating food and yard waste, makes organic, magic worm poop for us to use on our houseplants, trees, gardens, flowers, vegetables or anything you might want to grow, without chemicals and hurting the wonderful soil or world.


I love getting my hands dirty. Whether I was digging in our garden, or looking under rocks for critters, the outdoors has always had a strong pull on me. For years I’ve been drawn to learn more about closed, self-sustaining loops. Having a worm farm business fits my life game plan perfectly.

I feed my worms the food we don’t eat, they eat it and make worm castings that feed our plants. Closed loop! In a situation where everybody wins, why not join me?

I am stoked to get folks as pumped up as we are about soil science and how that impacts your gardening! The plan is to start by selling Worm Poop, but I have my much bigger aspirations than just making & selling worm poop. I am not saying that making & selling worm poop is not fantastic. It is. I plan on making presentations in schools and in our community that help educate those sweet young ones about how good for the world worm poop really is. I hope to expand Johnny’s got worm poop (castings) into supplying for community gardens.

This is me, Johnny. I really make organic magic worm dirt for work.

This is me, Johnny. I really make organic magic worm dirt for work.

Want some cool tips on how to use worm poop to grow stuff? Wanna learn how Johnny’s Got Worms is help our community? Wanna hear more about how worm poop can save the world (well the world’s soil anyway!) Wanna learn how you can help?